2018 – More than 100 days of travel

These first days of the year have been a great opportunity to realize how great of a year 2018 has been. At the end of the year with everybody being away and me getting so bored, I kind of forgot how amazing my year has been.
The reason why I’m telling you this is not to brag or anything, but to inspire you to chase your dreams, travel more, read more, do what you like in essence.

Since I’ve shared so many retrospective stories with you guys, I’ve received so many messages from people congratulating me for my year. That kind of got me thinking and without modesty I can tell you that I am the one that made my year so great. How is that? Super simple. I’ve learned to say yes to challenges and adventure and this has made me extremely happy.

The main reason why I’ve traveled so much was not thinking too much about whether or not we should go somewhere and just go for it. Of course, that our blogging job kind of made it easier, but in the end it was all worth it, both the traveling and the working. We’ve had to work 2 or 3 times harder to make that possible, but hard work that you love in the end is what makes you happier and fulfilled.About chasing your dreams… Find that thing that you truly love and you’re good at and quit your job. I’m not saying that it’s easy, but in the end you’ll have no regrets and I think that is the most important thing in life.
Before starting this blog I was struggling like any other teenager with the thought that I should get a job and a purpose in life. That didn’t come easy and I’ve hated everything I’ve tried, from trying to be a reporter to news anchor and to teaching a class full of kids. Those jobs weren’t for me and instead of accepting one of them and living miserably for the rest of my life, I’ve found my calling. This is why whenever I don’t work now, I feel miserable and I want to go back to work. These days at the end of the year are always the worst for me and cannot wait for everyone to get back to work and for us to start working again.

My mom for example enjoys so much her days off and doesn’t want to start working because she doesn’t really like her job and her time home is better, very opposed to what we’re feeling these days of ‘holiday’. And if I tell her that she should quit her job and start a business, for example a flower shop, because she’s obsessed with flowers, she always finds reasons not to do it. ‘It’s too late now’, ‘I’m too old’ or any other excuses she finds in order not to do what she loves and why? What is the purpose of that? Doing something that makes you miserable instead of being happy and chasing your dreams? For me it is 1000 times easier to struggle doing what I love, than doing something that I hate but that has 0 risks.

In conclusion, don’t wait for next year or don’t say ‘now it’s not the right time’, because it will never be. You’re one step away from making your dreams come true and the only thing you have to do is work and just take that first step. The next one will follow and so on until one day you will wake up and looking behind you’ll realize you are living the dream. 🙌🏼❤️
 In 2017 we’ve traveled a lot, some will say, but we thought of breaking our own record and this is why in 2018 we’ve traveled even more to amazing bucket list destinations for us and did a lot of things for the first time. Here are our travels from last year in order, from January till December. We’ve been away for 108 days, 31 flights. We’ve been to 14 countries and over 68 cities and villages.
Lanzarote in January
In January we are always looking for warm destinations and Lazarote was one of the places in the Canary Islands that we haven’t been before.
Cyprus in February

Big road trip through Morocco in March

It is finally time to show you what I have been up to in my latest Moroccan trip and I will start with our first stop to Tangier.

La Maison Blanche (see more)

Barbara Huttons house and surroundings (see more)


Riad Souika (see more)

Kasbah, Oudayas(see more)


Riad Monceau (see more)

Souks (see more)

Nomad restaurant (see more)

Jardin Majorelle (see more)

Fes (see more)

Chefchaouen (see more)

April was for Holland and the tulip fields

Lisse (see more)

Amsterdam (see more)

Giethoorn (see more)

Amstelveen (see more)

Blokzijl (see more)

May in Puglia

Bari (see more)

Field of poppies on the way to Ostuni (see more)

Polignano a Mare (see more)

Lama Monachile (see more)

Monopoli (see more)

Tenuta Monacelle (see more)

June and our wedding anniversary at 2000m height in a hot air balloon
July in Rome and Tuscany
Roat trip to Montenegro in August
 1st stop – Serbia
Transilvania August- September
Budapest in September was a dream

Santorini in October
November Moieciu
Sardinia in November
Hot weather in December – Israel
Tel Aviv