Gerovital Beauty

You know I love make up and love to play a lot with different shades and textures. Besides from wanting to use skin care products of great quality, I also like testing make up that is good to my skin. Because I wear makeup almost every single day, it’s important to have healthy looking skin and that the make-up is breathable. I was super excited to test out this new range of make-up products from Gerovital Beauty and find out they do just that.

On our latest trip I got to test almost all of the new make-up goodies from Gerovital. I have tried doing my full make-up using only their products and filmed a tutorial while doing so. This is what came out and I hope you’ll love it as much as I do.

First of all, the foundation with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E has a light texture and my skin looks still like skin after applying it. I love the fluid, but matte texture and the fact that the skin feels hydrated while looking good and uniform. I have applied it with a sponge and it was the perfect match. This foundation combined with their compact powder can last impeccably on the face up to 8 hours. I haven’t worn my make-up for more than 8 hours, but I think even more, because at the end of the day, my make-up looked flawless.

The soft focus concealer has extremely high coverage and it is required a small amount of product in order to cover up the under eye area. I also use it to highlight the highest points of my face, such as the bridge of my nose, above my brows and above my lips.

The eyebrow kit is amazing and I like combing the two brown shades the darker one to the end of the brow and the lighter one towards the nose.

I use their highlither powder also to add shadows to my eyes and only after I start using my favourite palette from their range – the Rose one. It has the perfect shades for a super fresh day make up and also some darker ones, purple and greys for a super sultry evening make up. My make up from today is a combination of the two styles, because I have used their peachy and pearled shades on my upper lid and some greys and purple on my lower one, creating some depth for my eyes.

For the cheeks I’ve used their peach blush and the diamond highlighter that has the most gorgeous subtle sparkly finish, without making you look like a disco ball.

In the end I have matched the purple under eye shadow with the creamiest lipstick. It is a nude shade with some purple undertones that I think matched my eye make-up perfectly.

Products I’ve used for achieving this make-up look:
Gerovital Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E Foundation (Ivory)
Gerovital Soft Focus Concealer
Gerovital Compact Powder (Light)
Gerovital Eyebrow Kit
Gerovital Rose Eye Shadow Palette
Gerovital Black Kohl pencil
Gerovital Supreme Lash Mascara
Gerovital Peach Blush
Gerovital Diamond Highlighting Powder
Gerovital Creamy Lipstick (11 Dusty Rose)