Kik Autumn

Last weekend we went to the countryside in the same magical orchard and enjoyed a gorgeous autumn day. It was warm and sunny but the air was crips and fresh and it smelled like fall. The leaves started to fall on the ground making that warm colourful carpet, but there are still some of green ones in the trees.

We decided to take advantage of this amazing fall day and decorated a bit with all the beautiful accessories we’ve found last week at Kik. We got blankets, lamps, warm pillows, candles, freshly baked cookies on one of their amazing plates and mulled wine in my new cup. We arranged everything in the orchard and spent one of the most amazing afternoons outdoors. To keep warm and cozy I also got a sweater, a hat and a pair of stretch jeans from their clothing collection and I love them and how they’ve matched the colour of the blankets and the background.

If you’ve already seen my unboxing on stories you know the amazing prices you can find at Kik, so you’d better go and score some on discounts as well. If you have a Kik nearby, you know that you are lucky to find lovely clothing, decorations and presents for your dear ones all year long. I always love going at the beginning of a season and decorate the house super nice for the next two or three months.