Shopbop Men

I am very excited to introduce to you Shopbop Men. It is such a great new both for women and men, as I am thrilled to find easily cool presents for the men in my life, my husband, my brother, my father and many other dear friends and Adrian can easily find clothing and accessories for himself and follow the trends that the Shopbop editors present. This launch has come just in time for cosy and presents season and I am super eager to see more items added day by day.

I have scrolled back and forth their new website and made a list of my fave items and wanted to share them with you below.

Here we have everything we might possibly need for our men for this fall winter season from shirts to denim, outerwear and even sneakers. I always check their selections first, because in there I find the options curated by the Shopbop editors that always filled with gems.

And here we have some of the designer I always search first when I am looking for a nice gift for a men. I like the classy items from Polo Raft Lauren and you can never go wrong with a beanie and a scarf from them. Those will be my first two choices for a Christmas present.

Ami is a great brand with basics for men. Love their sweatshirt, comfortable shirts and chinos, exactly my husband’s style.

Veja is a great brand for sneakers and I have one of these pair in my cart for Adrian.

Let me know if you are happy with the news and hope you like my selection of men styles.