Palazzo Pascal

The most romantic place on the Amalfi Coast can be found right after Atrani, when you ‘climb’ up the mountain to Scala. You arrive then in Minuta, where Palazzo Pascal is located, an amazing place with a breathtaking view over Atrani, the sea and on the other side the whole coast of Ravello.

The building dates from the year 900 and it was beautifully restored and turned into a hotel by a beautiful Romanian-Italian family that kept its charm and created a magical garden surrounding the building, perfect for a vacation, a honeymoon and even for a super romantic wedding. We have stayed in Lilla room that I think has the most breathtaking view and a big terrace where you can choose to have breakfast. By the way, the food is absolutely exquisite and if you don’t find a room available, you should at least book a table for dinner with the most romantic view over Ravell, at Gli Ulivi Restaurant.

I also loved the pool area, super quiet, surrounded by flowers and specific ceramics. Everything looks like it has been taken out of a fairytale. You should definitely ask the staff for a tour of the Palazzo, as they have some interesting terraces leading from the indoor restaurant that gives you a better idea of the maze this building used to be in the year 900. Absolutely charming!