Wave Resort

Our vacation at Wave Resort, a 5-star ultra all-inclusive hotel on the Black Sea shore in Bulgaria, has ended and now I can write a full review.
Our 3-day stay was extremely comfortable, we had a deluxe double room with a bathtub, and the shower and toilet were separate. The hotel garden is very beautiful, with artesian fountains, lush vegetation and many swimming pools, I really couldn’t count them all. There is a specially designed area with pools for children, with slides and special shows dedicated to them, but also an area for adults only, much quieter, with deckchairs, shaded beds and a jacuzzi. The bar next to the adult area looks great and from here you can order frappe, cocktails, beer or soft drinks.

There is also a private beach with deckchairs, and the special element is the Pomorie salt lake, located just to the right of the hotel. Due to the high concentration of salt, you can float on the surface without moving. It was a pleasant experience for me, especially because I don’t know how to swim, but also because the lake has many health benefits. At the bottom of the lake there is a mud, equally beneficial for the body and even in the hotel there are sauna or spa areas where treatments are done with this mud.

The food is very varied, for all tastes, with some more special dishes (for example, at breakfast, in addition to omelettes, vegetables and yogurts, they also have chia pudding and seeds). For lunch and dinner, they have both fresh food cooked on site, as well as cold appetizers, cakes and tarts. They even have an ice cream dispenser and some dishes specially prepared for children. In the outside area there is also a food court with snacks, with operating hours outside the main meal times. Here you can find fried potatoes, shaorma, pizza made on the spot, in the oven, fresh fruits and salads. And under the reception area is a snack bar, open 24 hours.

In the evening, the area of the fountains turns into a music light show, and in the area of the amphitheater or bars there are different shows, for all tastes and ages. We really liked the time we spent in Pomorie at the Wave Resort and we will definitely be back soon.