To Tenerife, please!

As you have already seen, we have decided in the last minute to spend the New Year’s Eve in a warm place and Tenerife was the perfect location. It was our first New Year’s Eve away from home, so this is why we wanted to make it special

We are very happy that Wizz Air has direct flights from Bucharest to Tenerife, so you can change the season and the landscape in just a few hours. The weather here is wonderful in the winter and we were able to sunbathe at almost 30 degrees Celsius. We’ve first stayed in the Northern part of the island, which we visited two years ago and we liked it a lot. Later on, we’ve visited the Southern part also, where it’s always warmer ☀️🌴

Recently, Wizz Air also introduced direct flights from Bucharest to Gran Canaria and we have already booked the tickets for February. Gran Canaria is one of my favorite islands in the Canary Islands and I can’t wait to get there in less than 6 hours from Bucharest.

These two destinations above are simply perfect for the winter months. I recommend that you spend at least 7 days on each of the islands and you can also rent your car from the website to easily explore the Canary Islands.

Enjoy the most beautiful experiences with these direct routes from WIZZ ✈️