Back To School Shopping List


Although this summer i finished my master studies, and completed my masters degree, I cannot help but feel nostalgic for the new school year that is approaching. I have made a little digging for you guys and found some affordable pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories for school.

I hope you guys like it and I will soon post a Back To School look worn by me with some of the items in the collages below. Can you guess which look I chose?


Look 1

Choies blue plaid dress
Sheinside beige cardigan
Asos watch
Maison F bag
Jessica Buurman boots


Look 2

Sheinside blue blouse & jeans
Choies beige blazer
Jessica Buurman bag
Choies black patent shoes
Asos watch


Look 3

Zara parka from
Maison F tee
Sheinside black jeans
Choies slip ons
Sheinside cuff & heart bracelet
Asos backpack


Look 4

Choies 3D skull blouse  The price will be $19.99 from 9th September for one week!
Oasap pleated skirt
Asos watch & bag & wallet
Choies cut out boots


Look 5

Sheinside black cardigan
Sheinside checked pants
Sheinside white shirt
River Island bow tie
Asos glasses
Asos double rings
Oasis watch
Asos silver satchel
Jessica Buurman black patent shoes


Look 6

Choies checked shirt
Choies black leather skirt
Maison F t-shirt
Jessica Buurman slip ons
Jadu dark red bag
Asos watch


Look 7

Sheinde denim jacket
Sheinside white jeans
Oasap iphone case
Choies white shoes
Kurtmann bag
Sheinside Geek top & 84 top
Asos white watch

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