Girl of summer


Hello guys! Have I ever told you how much I appreciate you guys? Well if I haven’t I am telling you now. You are my inspiration and the reason for which I can do what I like in life and why I made my passion for fashion my profession. Couldn’t be here without you and today I am taking a moment to thank to all of you that follow me and write such nice words about my work, even constructive criticism I appreciate.

This is why I am trying to evolve more and more each day and trying to provide you great quality pictures of great content. I have been eager to shoot a post like this one in a sun flower field for such a long time now and yesterday when I was finally ready to do it I saw that there weren’t many left, actually almost all the fields we’ve passed by were already ready for harvest and no more flowers left. But maybe there is someone up there who loves me and we have found this small field that had still some beautiful late flowers left. The smile came back to my face, I made myself a wheat and flowers from the field crown and I was ready for ‘harvest’. I had to wear something to match the beautiful scenery and I chose this bohemian Shein dress that I would like to have on every possible colour. I almost always take the time to be thankful when I shoot my outfits for the beautiful live I was given and especially when I get to shoot in such a beautiful corner of this amazing planet.

PS: This outfit and scenery reminded me of a moment when I was little and I had to play the part of ‘Spring’ in a kinder-garden celebration and my mother sewed me dry snowdrops on my tulle skirt. Yesterday I felt like ‘Summer’, a late summer ready for harvest and my mother was also there by my side and I am thankful also for this. 🙂















I was wearing:

Shein long camel dress
K Jaques sandals