Fringed booties


Accessories have always been my weakness and I have a ‘small’ collection of shoes and bags that is getting bigger and bigger each season. But this doesn’t mean that I don seek for quality products each time I am searching for new accessories. Shoes, especially need to be besides beautiful, also comfortable. It is really difficult to walk in shoes that are not properly made to walk in. Now I realize that more than ever because I travel a lot and I cherish my comfort way to much. I have found the perfect shop from where I can get these kind of shoes and it’s called Joyas. It has 100% handmade shoes, shaped in the most hot trends of the season that are also easy to walk in. The boots that I am wearing today for example have a high heel but they are so easy to wear and walk in for a whole busy day. The suede leather is incredibly soft and the fringed detail ads movement to the whole look. The even more cool thing about Joyas is that you can make custom changes to the shoes you’d like and you can also order sizes that are not available to other stores, like really small or really big.

I wore them boots in a super simple outfit with a white turtleneck sweater and a beige skirt and added a cool backpack with fur insertions from Concept 15.












I was wearing:
Zara white turtleneck, similar here
Asos beige pleated skirt, similar here
Concept 15 fur insertion backpack
Joyas red suede ankle boots
Paul Hewitt anchor cuff