Arias at Fontana


Any cute fitted dress can be a statement, but what pants do we choose when we want to be elegant, stylish and feel comfortable at the same time? Well, for me it was becoming sort of a ‘dream’ to find the ideal black pants, that can be worn in super elegant outfits but also with a pair of sneakers during the day while still looking extremely chic. After ordering a bunch of pairs all over the internet and not finding at all the perfect pants in the perfect shape and fabric, I bumped into Arias, a brand of very minimal, but feminine clothing items from New York and their designs and good reviews from the American press convinced me to invest in a very special pair of what I can call dress pants.

I wasn’t disappointed as the quality is extremely good, the double faced satin is out of this world and it gives the perfect feeling of elegance and femininity, even though we are speaking about pants. The cut is finally perfect, tapered, not to tight, but without looking big and saggy, a perfect statement. Also the A cut ankle brings more chicness, looking like a small cleavage for my ankles. I find it extremely sexy.

I have put my eyes on a silk T-shirt as well and a very special wool jacket, so Santa baby…













I was wearing:

Arias New York dress double satin black pants
Laura Hincu white silk shirt
Kurt Geiger nude stilettos
Wild Inga purple metallic bag
Shein silver rhinestones choker
Shein silver snake choker
Cluse watch