Shower mousse

If you have a busy active life, you know how precious are the few moments for yourself. I am on the run all the time and even when I am at home I have so many things to do that 24h feel that are just not enough. This is why I like to cherish the little moments and spoil myself a bit when I’m in the shower. I don’t like taking long baths, because this is how I am, always on the run and super active.

I have tried all sorts of shower creams, gels, etc., but haven’t heard of a shower mousse till now. I was so curious that I decided to try all 3 sorts of shower mousse from Nivea and see which one is my favourite. The answer is all of them. Depending on my mood I like to change the scents, but all of them make me feel so spoiled and the mousse is so soft that it feels as if a fluffy cloud is hugging me. The benefit of this mousse is that you can apply a small amount of product and then spread it on your body evenly. The dense texture doesn’t allow it to fall down until you finish applying all over and then you can rinse. After rinsing, your skin will thank you for the treatment showing you it’s most soft version. You just try it and I’m sure you’ll love it!

Let me tell you a bit about each one of them. Creme Care is extremely moisturizing with all of the essential oils that it contains that makes it perfect to use after a long day. Creme Soft is a more refreshing version of this mousse and I like to use it in the morning when I know that I will have a full day ahead. Creme Smooth that has silk extract and it takes your mind of the daily dues to an exotic destination with it’s floral scent.