First days in Mykonos

We are finally in Mykonos because our flight from Bucharest to Athens was delayed 9 hours. And when we were in the airport and almost wanted to give up and go home, a new plane came and took us to Athens. We had lost out connection flight to Mykonos and decided to go next to the port to take the first ferry boat to the island. We barely slept from 2 till 6 in the morning and jumped on the boat at 7 AM. It took 5 more hours to get to Mykonos, but I tell you it was worth it.

As soon as we got there, you may think that we got straight to bed and sleep, but we took a shower, freshened up a bit and went out to explore. While we did that we have also filmed the first part of this video and later on watch the sunset from our amazing hotel and infinity pool.

I was wearing all Ever Pretty outfits that were so island appropriate. I fell in love withe the short boho dress, that is perfect for traveling and exploring. The white Ever Pretty lace dress is so chic and feminine and really easy to wear during the day and also in the evening. While the long blue dress is extremely flowy and comfortable and looks so sophisticated. It made me feel like a Greek goddess in the warm light of this amazing sunset. I hope you enjoy this video of my first days in Mykonos and stay tuned for more amazing ones soon

I was wearing:

Ist look:

Ever Pretty boho dress (size 36)

IInd look:

Ever Pretty midi white lace dress (size 36)

III rd  look:

Ever Pretty long blue print dress (size 36)

Location: Bill&Coo Hotel Mykonos