Blush jumpsuit

Don’t know why, but jumpsuits are some of my favourite when it comes to cocktail evening looks. They are so elegant and comfortable at the same time. I have all sort of cuts of black jumpsuits, but never owned a dusty pink one, until I have laid eyes on this gorgeous piece in one of the La Femme shops. This one is made out of a silky stretchy fabric that feels so soft on the skin and looks classy, but you cannot even imagine how comfortable it is. The fact that you can replace a heavy, uncomfortable dress with a comfy jumpsuit and still look elegant is so amazing. I think this is the greatest fashion invention ever.

I have some outdoor weddings to attend to this month and this is why I have picked this blush jumpsuit from La Femme and I think it will look amazing on a natural background. They have it also in the classic black and also on blue, so take a look at their online shop and pick your favourite. If you are that type of person that needs to try on the items before purchasing them, check their store locations and pick the nearest to you.

I was weaing:

La Femme pink blush jumpsuit
Asos sandals
Wild Inga bag