Gerovital Sun

I can’t stress enough how important sunscreen is. When I was little I thought that you won’t get tanned if you use a sunscreen cream or lotion. I think this is a misconception that a lot of people have, because they confuse sun burns with tan. Well, this is completely untrue and you can try for yourselves and use sunscreen on one leg or arm and none on the other side and you will hen see the difference.

Now let me tell you about the best sunscreen lotion and body milk I have found on the market. My favourite products are from Gerovital and you have probably noticed that I love their products especially because they are based on natural ingredients. The new formulas of body milk and spray lotion are my favourite because they are so easy to apply and easy to wash off. I hate it when a sunscreen lotion is too thick and it stays white on your skin throughout the day and also when it hardly comes off. The body milk from Gerovital Sun is super light and easy to use, creamy but not greasy. The spray lotion is the most refreshing sunscreen I have ever used and I like to use it after I have been in the sun for a while and after I have used the body milk. It has a very refreshing texture and then a shiny finish on the skin.

The absolute favourite thing after staying in the sun is a warm shower and applying the refreshing after beach gel from Gerovital Sun. It calms your skin while refreshing your whole body. I love it and feel so energized after using it.

So remember to have fun this summer, get some tan and not sun burns and use Gerovital Sun!