We came to Albufeira drawn by this cute little shell house that we have seen on Pinterest and when we got there we’ve found a vibrant touristic city, with lots of shops, restaurants and clubs. It wasn’t what we were expecting, but beautiful nevertheless. On these cute little shops I have found the perfect straw bag, specific for the Algarve region.

It was a really hot day and I definitely needed a light summer dress for wandering the streets of Albufeira. I was wearing this cute striped dress from Moja, that is both cute and practical, matched with pink and green sandals also from Moja. Loved how breezy I felt the entire day, also the black cute bow on one shoulder.

I was wearing:

Moja pink striped dress
Moja pink and green sandals
H&M hat
Asos sunnies
Gucci belt
Paul Hewitt bracelets & watch