Halloween Pumpkin Soup

I’m not used to writing two posts a day, but since my Instastories literally exploded with messages and questions about my pumpkin soup, I thought I could answer you all with this post.

You probably know already that I’m that type of ‘housewife’ that doesn’t like to wear weird costumes and go out for Halloween parties, this is why I thought we could ‘celebrate’ tonight our way, with something delicious to eat and a good TV series. We are currently watching Designated Survivor, if you need recommendations of a good one.

It is actually the first time I try to do a pumpkin soup and the first time I am tasting one. I don’t know how it is actually made, but this a recipe I invented and not brag or anything, but I think it was the most delicious creme soup I have ever tasted. Maybe it was the extremely sweet pumpkin’s fault, I don’t know.

So, all the quantities are approximate and I have added the things that we usually like in our food. If you want to try my exact recipe, here it is:


  • 1/3 kg pumpkin for pies
  • 1 bell pepper
  • 1/2 zucchini
  • 1 little onion
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 little piece of ginger
  • parsley
  • pumpkin seeds for decor
  • nutmeg, sweet paprika, salt and pepper

I have put the onion and the garlic small chopped in the frying pan with some butter. After the onion got golden I have added all the condiments: the nutmeg, sweet paprika, salt and pepper and then added the ginger also small chopped. I left them one more minute so that all the flavours could get into the onion and garlic, then added 2/3 spoons of olive oil. In the meantime I have put all the vegetables in a big pot to boil: the pumpkin, the pepper and zucchini. After few more minutes, I have added some of the water from the pot in the frying pan and then I have put all that mixture in the big pot and let it boil until all the vegetables were pulpy. Then I have put all the vegetables in the blender and just a small quantity of the water from the pot, aprox. 1 cup. My quantities were enough for 4 soup bowls. After that I have sprinkled some fresh parsley and some pumpkin seeds for decor and also for their amazing taste. It was the perfect recipe for a cold fall evening with my hubby and the most sweet creme soup I have ever tasted. The ginger gave it that biting taste, but I loved it and it is also great against flues.

Enjoy guys!