It is finally time to start sharing with you details about our latest road trip through 4 countries from this August. This was our first stop. Since it was a very long drive to Montenegro, we have decided to stop on our way, to Serbia to Kopaonik, in the mountains. It was a good thing that we’ve decided to make this stop, because in here we have discovered an amazing place.We have spent one night at Mujen Lux Kopaonik and couldn’t wake up the next day feeling more relaxed. When we left Bucharest and on our way the weather was crazy hot and we felt super relaxed the very instant we have arrived to Kopaonik. The air there is super crisp and fresh.

Mujen Lux is a very beautiful mountain resort with multiple saunas, indoor and outdoor pool and so many other spa facilities. So, me and my friends have spent the entire afternoon jumping from one sauna to the other, sun bathing and then fooling around in the pool. It was such a great day. The next day we woke up super relaxed and with an amazing view to the green mountains. The breakfast was specific for that area and it was amazing, so we left refreshed on the road and filled with energy. Cannot wait to go back, this time in winter to see the amazing landscapes under the snow.


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