From Tenerife we took a fairy to Gran Canaria and went straight to Maspalomas where the sun was shining brightly. I had prepared some really amazing outfits for some really special evenings on the island, so I have started the research for the perfect background to shoot them. This special one that looks exactly like a painting is from La Maison de Confiance and before I start talking about the fabric and texture let me tell you that I thought it would look great next to some vintage finish white walls, some tropical plants and wood textures. After a few minutes of research, we’ve found Agüimes that looked as I have imagined and went straight over there to enjoy a walk on those narrow streets as we shoot my outfit. Because you know, there is nothing more sad than having a great outfit and not getting a pic of it.

I’ve been wanting this set ever since I saw it on La Maison de Confiance, but I didn’t have the perfect boots to wear it with. So, I took it with me to the Canary Islands knowing the sales I would find there. I found these boots super discounted and they look just perfect with my new silk pleated skirt. I have to tell you that this silk has one of the best qualities I’ve ever seen and being a pleated silk skirt, I would have expected it to get super wrinkly in the luggage, but it didn’t. Just a few steams from our portable iron and it looked perfect. The top is made out of stretchy fabric, super soft that feels like a second skin. Love the print and how these two pieces compliment each other. After this lovely walk we went straight to dinner at our hotel, where all the ladies complimented me about my look. Just love it, it is great for spring and autumn as well.

I was wearing:
La Maison de Confiance top
La Maison de Confiance silk skirt
Zara suede boots
Marc Jacobs bag