How we’ve saved our trip with Goldcar

I’ve promised that I will tell you the story of why we didn’t go to Africa with more details and today is finally that day. So the company we were about to fly with had a big crash the day prior to our flight and we have found out about that when we got to the airport. After we have discussed a bit with the Ethiopian Airlines manager in Rome, we decided not to board that flight because it would have been too stressful for us. He assured us also that we will get a full refund on the tickets, so we thought we had nothing to lose, anyways. It turned out not to be like that and their customer’s service team told us that our policies say that they will keep more than 50% of the amount we payed for the tickets and they will only refund the people that died in that crush (meaning all the people flying, like 148). It was the worst experience ever with an airline company and we will definitely not fly with them ever. It made me realize that we are just a number and that no one cares for human lives anymore.

Anyway, we have found a way to turn this sad situation around and make the best of this trip. We have stayed in Rome at Adrian’s parents but the weather was awful, so we decided to rent a car from Goldcar and drive all the way to Sicily. Thank God for car rentals and for Goldcar that always has the best services and for the lovely staff that has been always helpful in any matter. With their assistance we were able to turn this trip around and make it a happy one. Goldcar has very good deals, non abusive terms and always the most respectful staff, this is why I always recommend them and I have also reached out to them for a discount code for you guys. Because they have offices in so many countries around Europe, you can now rent a super good car at a good price and you will get 10% off with my code LARISACOSTEA at any order till December this year. So next time you book a trip, make sure to check if Goldcar has offices in that location and enjoy your time to the max with a nice roadtrip!