Cookies for St Andrew


Today I want to show you the most delicious cookies recipe ever. They don’t look really special, but trust me they are the best cookies I’ve ever tasted. That’s why I want to share with you the recipe. These cookies are so easy to do and the taste is extraordinary.They go along just fine with a cup of capuccinno or latte.


300 gr flour

250gr butter

140 gr sugar

1 egg yolk

few drops of vanilla/rum/almond/lemon extract or cinnamon (this is up to you)


You mix in a bowl the sugar, the egg yolk, the butter and extract until you get a smooth batter. Add the flour and a 1/4 table spoonof salt and stir again.

You put the batter into some plastic foil and you make a roll like you see in the picture below. Put it in the freezer for few hours or over night. Now you can easily cut the slices, like half of cm thickness, then put them into the oven’s tray that has been oiled before. Leave some space between them because they will expand a little.

Bake around 15/20 min into a not so heated oven untill they start to get a little bit brown underneath and then take them out of the oven but not out of the tray because they can break easily. After they cool down a little bit put them on a plate and enjoy them.




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