Cookies made out of crackers


Today I want to show you a cookies recipe. They are absolutely delicious and easy to do.


250 gr normal crackers
250 gr sugar
100 gr butter
50 gr cocoa
75 gr walnuts small chopped
120 ml milk
rum or vanilla extract

Preparation: Smash the crackers in small pieces, as small as you can. I used the blender to smash them into a not too fine powder. Into a small pot put the milk and sugar and let it boil until you obtain a syrup. Add the butther and mixx until it melts. Then also add the cocoa dissolved in 60ml of milk and then the rum/vanilla extract.

Pour gradually this syrup on the smashed crackers until you get an unitary dough. With your hands moist in a bit of oil take some of the dough and create a small ball ( you cann fill the ball with some raisins soaked in some rum extract). Then roll them in some coconut , leave them in the fridge for a couple of hours and then they are ready to be served.