Borealy Red Wine


Today I want to show you the perfect present for Christmas. It is sparkling and it comes in a black small box. No, it is not a ring, cuz there are two of them. Yes, I’m talking about Borealy earrings.

Last week the delivery boy called me and told me that Borealy has a gift for me. I opened the door and got inside with a red presents box. I opened the box and inside there was another box smaller and black. As soon as I saw the Borealy font on the last one, I knew that there will be a gorgeous piece of jewelry inside. And there was! I felt in love with these earrings. They are so beautiful and elegant and the way that the Swarowski crystals are distributed make them spakle even in the evening light.

These lovely earring deserved a lovely photoshoot and this is why I called Florin Belea to be my photographer for the day.

I was wearing a simple black and white outfit in order to let the earrings shine. Zara shirt and skirt, YSL tribute two pumps and of couse, Boreally Chandelier Earrings,in the red wine colour.












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