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Morning gals!

As many of you keep asking me about my make-up and my make-up brushes, I have decided to film another video to make it more clear.

About two weeks ago I have changed my old brushes with some new ones from Real Techniques that I absolutely adore. I have ordered them from a new make-up shop from Romania, Make It Up and I must say that these cannot even compare with my old brushes. They are so soft but ferm and this gives you that good coverage without rubbing your face. As you will see in the video and photos below, I have ordered this traveling kit of brushes that contains an essential foundation brush, which is great both for applying foundation and concealer as well, a domed shadow brush, that I use after applying the eye shadow to blend the colours one into each other really good, and the least and my favourite one is the multi task brush, which I use for applying the powder and the blush and it is the most perfect brush ever. It is super soft, almost tickling my face but at the same time it covers up really well.

I have ordered also some NYX cosmetics from Make It Up shop. This is the first time I have ever tried some NYX cosmetics and I must say that I am very pleased with them. I have been using in my video the eye shadow NYX ES07 High Light to high light the line below my eyebrows and it gives you that perfect contour light you need to make your eyebrows pop. I have also ordered a lovely peachy blush, NYX PB06 Peach, this is a lovely colour that I have been searching for some time and I finally found it on this shop and I am so happy with the fresh colour it gives to my cheeks.

Also for my lips I’ve used a NYX soft matte lip cream, SMLC06 Istanbul, that I first thought it was a lip gloss, but the I discovered that after you apply it on your lips, it dries out giving you the texture of a really matte and strong lip stick, which is great, because I love pink matte lips.

Ok, so this is my review upon these new products from Make It Up, and I must add that this is my sincere opinion and since I have these products I never stopped using them and as for the brushes, I’m never coming back to my old ones. Also their services are great and the delivery is really fast. I totally recommend them.

Also, if you use the code larisa you can get a discount of 15% on each order on their website.

I have also filmed myself doing my hair and now you can all see how do I curl my hair both with the straightener and also with the curling iron, because I use them both, not at the same time as in the video, I did this only to show you that there’s no big difference between the two of them but it depends most on my mood. Don’t forget to brush your hair after your curl it for a more natural effect.

Good luck and I hope this video and review helps and let the week-end begin! Yuhuuu!









  1. Buna Larisa! Ce inaltime ai si cat cantaresti? Tii un regim anume? Arati foarte bine. Si pielea ta observ ca arata la fel

    • Buna Ioana, am 1,70m inaltime si aproximativ 47kg. Regim nu tin si nici miscare foarte multa nu fac, inca, dar incerc sa stau departe de junk food si mananc numai mancare facuta in casa, destul de sanatoasa, insa fara restrictii de vreun fel. Cred ca e si mostenire de la mama.

  2. heei Larisa, alte produse de par ce ni le ai putea recomanda? 😀 tu ce folosesesti pt intretinere ? al meu se ingrasa extrem de repede si cade mult..astept raspuns!

    • Buna Diana! Eu imi spal parul cu L’oreal elseve nutri-gloss shampoo iar in loc de balsam folosesc masca de par L’oreal professionnel expert absolut repair si ma inteleg foarte bine cu ele. In rest nu prea folosesc alte produse. Si mie mi se ingrasa parul relativ repede si nu am gasit o solutie pentru asta, doar il spal la 2 maxim 3 zile, mai ales ca fac poze mai mereu.

  3. You are such a beauty! I have heard so much about the real technique brushes, need to get some soon.. Can i ask you what shampoo and conditioner you use? Your hair looks so shiny!

    • Hey Sabina! Thank you so much! I wash my hair with L’oreal elseve nutri-gloss shampoo and instead of conditioner I use L’oreal professionnel absolut repair expert hair mask.
      Hope it helps!

  4. Hei Larisa, ce ai folosit pentru par inainte de a il da cu placa? Siiii unde ai invatat sa iti faci buclele cu placa? In filmulet e foarte repede si nu pot sa imi dau seama cum il faci. Mersiiii

    • Hey! Am folosit o protectie pentru placa de la Oriflame heat protection- strenght 5-
      Iar buclele le fac foarte simplu, iau o suvita subtire de par si o rasucesc pe placa, iar dupa trag de placa in jos si that’s it: you got yourself a curl.

  5. I love your hair & make-up every single time! They look perfect & s glam!
    The video is what we were waiting for!
    So lovely, great post!


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