Skin Correction

I don’t know if it’s just me or it happens to you guys too but passing from summer to the cold season my skin is getting extra sensitive and blemishes start to appear. Few days ago it was extremely cold for this season and my face was in distress and a lot of pimples appeared. I didn’t know what to do but the I remembered Fereto and how the Hydra Mat Botanical cream worked really well on my face. But when I’ve checked out their website I saw a new product, the Skin Correction that was exactly what my face needed.

At the moment I have a normal skin without too many blemishes, but as I told you before from time to time I have breakouts and this is when I apply the Skin Correction as a mask, leave it for 10-15 minutes on my face while I enjoy the Papaya smell and then remove it with warm water. The skin is smoother and cleaner and after 3, 4 days I can see the results, all the blemishes disappear and my complexion is much more even. After using this treatment is mandatory to hydrate your skin and I always use the Hydra Mat Botanical also from Fereto.

For about a year I became more careful regarding the food that I eat and the products that I am using on my skin and I always choose natural ones. No more sodas and Fereto products make your skin look flawless. Give it a try! 😛

I was wearing:

Zara dress from
Borealy tennis bracelet