Milan Fashion Week AW16-17 Trends

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Hello guys! It is about time we went on further with our favourite trends from Fashion Week, and today we move on to Milan.

Although the main principles stick all throughout the shows, this one stands out through it’s vivacity and mix of patterns. Designers combined everything from leather to denim, from lace to knits, but they managed to create something truly amazing. Below our chosen ones!

Standing out was the usage of ruffles, or frills. Made out of lace or ribbons, they gave a wavy but cool effect to almost every garment, either around the waist, or cascading down the shoulders. They are bold and not worth missing this season!

A little skin never hurt no one, and what better way to emphasize femininity than through a cleavage? The deep V-neck is now very popular, and I really believe that with the right coordination in outfits, it can be very elegant, not just sexy. Check these ones out!

Thinking about crazy cuts, all I can think about are the one-shouldered items, from dresses to blouses to everything else! If you are less eager to reveal your chest, maybe revealing just one of your shoulders is more your thing. Just look how easy it can be to accessorize like this:

Smooth and flowy was the transparency in many fabrics presented there. Tangled along with playful prints, or just soft nude colors, the see-through items were a sight to see. I for one can’t wait to try on a similar look!

Transparency goes hand in hand with lace. This delicate fabric will definitely show your soft side, even if you match it with a very sporty look, you can be sure that a touch of lace will count and will make eyes turn! Just have a look at these combo’s.

Jackets! Yes, you would be surprised of the number of outfits that were accessorized with a jacket – office or sport – you decide what you like best! I for one have found a great deal of new ways on how to wear a jacket!

One of the ways of easily accessorizing yourself is by using a scarf. You just throw it on and off you go! If you want to be really trendy and chic, you can go for the designer’s fave for this year: the oversized scarf. You can wear it in a “je m’en fous” sort of way, or you can really bundle yourself up with it, because, in case it gets cold, you will for sure have plenty of it for that! Haha.