Sorbet skirt

I think you already know, but I am confirming once again that Chicwish has the most cute and creative skirt prints and colours ever. I saw this cute pink, purple and coral Chicwish skirt and couldn’t resist it. It looks like a delicious sorbet and this is why I took it out for an ice cream. I wore it with a white cami top also from Chicwish that also has a lovely lace detail that I show you in a detail picture.It looks great also with high waist jeans or shorts. And to continue in a girly and pink nude I chose my round pink and nude Concept 15 bag, beige sandals and pink strap watch from Cluse.

I was wearing:

Chicwish white cami top
Chicwish multicolour skirt
Concept 15 pink and nude round bag
Jessica Buurman sandals
Cluse pink watch