NIVEA Hairmilk

Guys, I have really great news for your hair! I have spent last Saturday spoiling myself and my hair with the newest NIVEA hair products on the market, the shampoo and hair conditioner NIVEA Hairmilk with natural milk protein extract. NIVEA has organized a Pop Up Hair Salon, here in Bucharest, taking care of the hair of a lot of ladies and making their day better with a good hair day.

They got inspired in the Cleopatra’s beauty rituals of bathing in milk and I am glad they did that, because my hair looks truly regenerated and hydrated without being filled with many hair products. I took some pictures before having my hair washed with NIVEA Hairmilk and as you can see it looked a bit dry and my hair ends weren’t in their best shape.

NIVEA Hairmilk is a revolutionary new product tat used natural milk proteins to nourish the hair and you can notice the bog difference right from the first use. What I like the most about these new products is that they com in three different formula, for thin, normal and thick hair.

Since I have bleached my hair on the ends it got really thin and this is why they have recommended me the NIVEA Hairmilk for thin hair. After they’ve washed and conditioned my hair, I passed my fingers through my hair and it was significantly more soft and less tangled than normally. They have also blow dried my hair and created some loose curls. The result is obvious. My hair looks fuller,it has more volume and now it shines and because it is well nourished my hairs look even thicker.

Because I as so amazed with the results I want to share this experience also with you guys and you should check my Facebook page for a giveaway soon.

I was wearing:

Shein beige sweater
Zara white top from
Shein mom jeans
Kurt Geiger floral print bag
Kurt Geiger floral print boots
7 Charming Sisters choker