Rio Tinto

I was completely blown away by the beauty of this place, ever since I saw pictures on Pinterest with it. I knew I had to see it with my own eyes and this is the main reason why we’ve planned this trip to Andalusia in the first place. Rio Tinto is not red/orange on all its course, but in this area it surpasses over an iron mine, hence this rusty colour that it has. It smells like iron all along, but nothing unbearable, just like our daily tap water. :))

This amazing backdrop was perfect to shoot my newest and favourite Pandora collection, the spring edition. Next to the new collection, Pandora also launches DO PANDORA, the new concept and catch phrase, that inspires women all over the world to be strong, determined and to be themselves and whatever they want to be. Now the elegant and delicate jewelry come with a strong empowering message and combine art with feminism.

All pastel with amazing new designs, the new bangles from Pandora are my favourite new entries. The floral charms, ring and earrings are a token of my favourite spring flower tree, the magnolia and also the little daisies found in the floating necklace are so cute that I can’t handle them.

The new bangles have one side of pastel enamel, in gorgeous colours, such as lavender, mint, orchid’s fuchsia, pale pink, bleu ciel and on the other side sparkling zirconium stones. The sides are beautifully decorated with heart cut outs.

This whole day seemed like a dream wrapped up in beautiful sparkling Pandora jewelry, completed by an amazing decor and warm wind playing in my hair. Hope you’ll enjoy the collection and these pictures as much as I do!