Lem’s home

It is Friday already and I know that a warm and relaxing weekend is coming our way. I love to spend it with long walks in the park and do some shopping. And since spring is here to stay, I want to make some furniture changes, as always. I have raided Lem’s showroom in Mega Mall for you guys, to show you what they have new and how you can furnish your home in a fresh and inspiring way.

The kitchen furniture is very important to me because having breakfast is the most important part of the day for me. I love starting my day in a warm and comfy way and this kitchen feels like it can do that for me. I love it how Lem’s can customize any kitchen counter or closets for the size of your home and your walls. Just pay them a visit and discuss the details on the spot. The Domino kitchen is their newest furniture model, ask about it in the store.It looks amazing and it is available on pastel and wenge oak.

Next, I moved to the living room and this time I want to see a lot of colour and floral prints. They have a new series of couches that look and feel amazing, really comfy, just ready to dive in, while watching the TV or reading your favourite magazine. If you are the sophisticated type, you should definitely see the leather pieces, especially the corner couch California.

The closets are also my favourite and I love having all my clothes on display. This new system that lets you reach the most high closets is amazing for any fashionista. I need this in my life! Also the commode with so many drawers is a dream. Love the cube chairs as well, so useful in a dressing room. Hope to have one soon, because my clothes do not fit in the closets that I already have. Need to purchase some more.

So if you don’t know what to so this weekend, here is an idea. You’ll find a really nice staff at Lem’s, ready to help you in finding the right furniture for you.

I was wearing:

Ist look
Shein trench/robe
IInd look
Chicwish white shirt
Shein mom jeans
Little Mistress pink shoes

IIIrd look
Shein vest dress
Jessica Buurman sandals
7 Charming Sisters earrings

Photos taken at the Lem’s showroom in Mega Mall