Get anchored

Today I want to take you with me through three different places in Andalusia, Spain. We have spent three days in Sevilla, but usually we kept moving each day, going to a different city or village and left out ‘anchor’ down just to experience the place, the food and the people from each area. The Paul Hewitt watches match out traveler side and their minimal design is great for so many different outfits. I have one watch with two different straps, that I can change according to my outfits and mood. I love their symbol, the anchor, that you can see on many of their bracelets and the idea of staying anchored with our feet on the ground and also being able to lift it to explore the world.

We have filmed three different and amazing places from Spain and I am starting with my favourite one, Rio Tinto that is a river that crosses in its path with an iron mine, hence the rusty, yellowish colour that it has. The next one is a gorgeous and old city, Ronda that has one of the most spectacular and oldest bridges and the last one is in Sevilla, on a rooftop enjoying the sun and some sparkling rose. Hope you like our glimpse over Andalusia and my anchor symbols by Paul Hewitt. Have a great evening and see you tomorrow with a new post!

I was wearing (in the pictures):
Shein velvet bathing suit
Paul Hewitt watch + extra strap
Paul Hewitt bracelet

Special thanks to Sixt, Rent a Car for taking us around Andalusia