My Mykonos inspired bday

I am a year older and happier that I got to spend it again with my some of my dearest friends. The not so nice thing was this mini vacay that got everyone out for the city for the weekend and unfortunately not all of my friends could be there to celebrate with me.

I think it’s obvious that I got charmed by the charming white streets of Mykonos and this year decided to bring Mykonos to my home and terrace. The bad thing was that one night before the dinner it rained and we couldn’t start painting then. So on Friday morning we started painting and drawing the grey stones, till we went out of grey. So Adrian went out to buy more paint while I almost finished the whole floor. It took us about 5 hours to finish and the guests were coming in less than 2 hours and we hoped that it will dry till then. It did, partially, but we’ve prepped slippers for everyone, so they wouldn’t get their shoes dirty and started decorating the terrace in our socks. The table was formed by 4 pallets and the chairs were pillows because I wanted to be a cozy party with good music and take out. I usually cook for my birthday, but since the painting kept me busy all day, I barely had time to take a shower and change into a nice dress. I will leave you below some pic and videos from my special day, also some pics of how the terrace looked on Thursday night. 😛

Next year I want to do something even more special in here or hopefully in our new home. Let me know if you liked the themed I’ve picked and if you have suggestions for next year. 😀


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