Lavender and balloons

For me it is crucial that everything looks perfect in our shootings from my make up, hair, clothing, location… you name it. This is how I got used to and we even collect trash from the street or sides of the road to have that picture perfect, and also because we are civilized and hate seeing dirt anywhere :)) But in terms of make up, I know I will not have a problem all day with smudged make up, cakey face, oily patches or creased foundation while I use my fave one from Estée Lauder, the amazing Double Wear.

I have tested it in numerous crazy conditions, from freezing temperatures till extra hot days like this one was from Provence. It lasts so much and believe me that it’s true and I can prove it. We woke up on our last morning in Provence at 3 o’clock in order to see the hot air balloons flying. I’ve finished my make up at about 4 o’clock and then went to search for that perfect field with a view to the ballons. Then we shot some more looks at noon, slept for 2 hours and didn’t take my make up off because I wanted to see how this foundation will last and also because I didn’t want to loose 1 more hour redoing my make up. Then we went at sunset time, after one hot day of over 45 degrees Celsius, to take some more shots in the same outfit because I thought we didn’t get enough in the morning and also because the sunset light fell more beautifully on my face.

So, next time you have a special event, you know there’s nothing that could make your Double Wear foundation fail. Also it is great for daily wear if you apply it in a thin layer and with a beauty sponge and also super full coverage if you put multiple layers as it is super buildable and long lasting. I really haven’t found a foundation that could top this one and also they haven’t changed their formula trying to find a better one every year like other brands, because you don’t fix something that it isn’t broken, right?


I was wearing:

Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation together with my..

La Maison de Confiance blue silk dress
Madewell slides
Asos hat