Between two worlds

While in Gibraltar I felt like such an explorer and seeing across the sea a land that belongs to another continent felt so magical. The whole Africa was veiled in such a mystical fog that looked like an unknown land to me. Can’t really explain the feeling, but it was something very special, that I have never felt before. This is a small beach where we’ve stopped before going to the lighthouse from Europa Point.

During that day I felt like wearing a fringed and colourful jacket from Shein, thinking of the Native Americans Columbus has discovered in the New World calling them ‘Indios’, thinking that he has reached India. Matched my jacket with some fringed ankle boots from Joyas. These are my favourite type of boots that I can easily wear during the cold season, but also during spring or summer. They are so versatile and have that relaxed look that makes them perfect for any festival look.

I wore a super comfy and cool white dress under my parka and some very interesting shades, both from Shein and topped the whole look with my wallet purse from Rebecca Minkoff that I got from ShopBop. My cool watch and bracelets from Paul Hewitt could not miss from my explorer inspired look and I love all of their anchor inspired collections.

I was wearing:

Shein fringed parka
Shein white off the shoulder dress
Shein sunnies
Joyas fringed beige boots
Rebecca Minkoff bag from ShopBop
Paul Hewitt watch & bracelet

Special thanks to Sixt, Rent a Car for taking us around Gibraltar