With Sixt through Andalusia

This whole week in Andalusia has been extremely full and we have changed the city almost everyday. This would not have been possible without the our Sixt rental car. As soon as we got to the Malaga airport, we have stopped at the -1 floor to get our Opel Cascada from Sixt that has made our journey 2 times more fun and easy. We chose a convertible to enjoy the sunny weather in the South of Spain and to really enjoy the vibe of each city we’ve been to. We have made the reservation a week prior to our arrival and everything was extremely easy, we’ve picked up the car and brought it back at the end of our trip at the same location in the airport, gave back the keys and that was all.

A car is very useful when you want to see a whole region and don’t want to miss time waiting for busses or trains. When we got to Cadiz we couldn’t find any hotel room available and anything on Airbnb and we thought of sleeping in the car. Luckily Adrian has found one hotel room in a town near by at 20km distance. And if it hadn’t been for this car we more likely could have ended up sleeping under the starry sky.

So next time you are planning a trip in Spain, remember to rent a car. It will save you a lot of trouble and will make your trip a lot more easier. Sixt is e great and reliable company and remember to choose the full package with the insurance, because the narrow streets will surely scratch a bit your mirror.

I was wearing:

My Bandage Dress pink jumpsuit
Kurt Geiger beige stilettos
Paul Hewitt watch and anchor bracelet

Opel Cascada rented from Sixt