Present for her

Hello guys! Adrian here and I’m taking over the blog today to discuss a special subject: what present do you get to a girl that says that she has it all? This month especially, but not only, I find it very difficult to find the right present for her. As you can see in the video below, I had some struggles trying to create a special moment for Larisa, and after consulting her mother, her best friend and wandering to all the stores in the city, thought that I should simplify a bit things. I remembered that she cherishes special and unique moments and what better present than a cute set up at her favourite place, Paul, and her favourite dessert and cafe au lait? This way I reminded her of the first birthday present I ever got for her and that was a trip to Paris. I loved the surprised and happy look on her face and that gave me the best present, so guys don’t forget to spoil your ladies, always!

Location: Paul Piata Romana
Flowers: Royal Rose Bucharest
Photos: Lilebuba Photography