Fereto Drying Lotion

So many of you ask me how do I keep my skin perfectly hydrated and without blemishes. If you have been watching the recent live I’ve done on Instagram, you probably know that I have a special product that I use for that and as promised, in today’s post I will tell you all about it.

I have had some acne problems in the past, during high school and I believe it was a hormonal thing, because right now it has stopped. But I haven’t had that perfect skin for years. It was not acne, but pimples appeared from time to time and I have always feared for the worst, that it was all a break and the real acne will appear again.

Right now I can say that I am really happy because my skin look almost perfect, but I have realized that whenever I don’t take care of it, blemishes start to appear again. This makes me think that I am keeping my problems under control, but that they are not gone forever.

Luckily there are products that can help you with that, if you have the same problem. It is really hard to have a perfect skin without doing anything, mostly considering the pollution that we have to literally ‘face’ everyday, a bad diet and stress that is always present in our lives. If you follow me for a while, you already know that the Fereto products have always been on top of my list and I have been using their Hydra Mat Botanical face cream for years, now. I also love to try out whenever they release a new product and this time I have tested the Fereto Drying Lotion for those exact moments I have been talking about earlier.

Whenever I have long plane rides, I like removing my make up and try to get as much sleep as I can. This is a good thing because I feel extremely comfortable doing that, but a bad thing for my skin because it sometimes touches the chair, the window and as you probably know, airplanes and airports are the most circulated places, filled with germs and bacteria. After that, my face doesn’t look that great and little pimples start to appear on my forehead and on my cheeks. Before that, I always used Skin Correction Mask, also from Fereto, which is great, but this time I wanted to test out this new product, Fereto Drying Lotion. I must say that it exceeded my expectations and it dried all of my pimples during the night. I have been using it locally and it’s like a really concentrated extract of lavender, salvia and citrus that instantly dries the affected area. I knew that it works from the first second it has touched my skin because it pinches a bit and immediately the skin feels more clean and regenerated. I love that all the Fereto products have natural ingredients and you can also tell from their smell, that is so good and smells like nature, without any artificial perfumes.

Well, it worked for me, so you should try it too and let me know your results. Don’t forget to apply it just on the affected areas with the help of a cotton pad. Have a great day and a perfect skin!

Pictures taken in the amazing French village Saint-Paul-de-Vence