I have to admit that Pisa is now a bitter-sweet memory. I’ve wanted to go there ever since all the cool kids in school came back in September from their summer holidays with funny pictures with the Tower of Pisa. We’ve seen so many places from Italy, but never got the chance to go also to Pisa. So this time we’ve booked in advance one night in Pisa and early in the morning we went to try and take one funny picture with the Leaning Tower. All was good, not so many people, but the light wasn’t helping us at all and then we realized how difficult it was to take that funny shot. Long story short, I must admit that I’ve shared a tear or two when I saw that the picture wasn’t coming out as I expected and the place started to get super crowded and it was kind of impossible to give it some more tries. So, it really isn’t always as sweet and fun you see it in the pictures, but nevertheless I’ve learnt to cherish also these type of memories.

My outfit was super on point that day and I wore the most comfortable dress ever from Chicwish. Love how loose and flowy it is and also its super natural fabric that made me stand that unbearable heat. I wore it with some cute gingham printed shoes from Na-kd Fashion and a vintage red scarf tied to my pony tail.

I was wearing:

Chicwish yellow dress
Na-kd fashion gingham printed shoes (get them with 20% off with my code ‘larisac_20’)
Cult Gaia bamboo bag from Shopbop
Vintage red scarf
RayBan sunglasses
Vintage camera