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Yesterday I was at the H&M showroom here in Bucharest to see the preview of the Isabel Marant pour H&M collection. I was so lucky to try on some of the items of the collection that has been launched only in Paris. Here is the link from the big launch in Paris.

In Romania it will be available in stores from 14th of November in Baneasa and Unirii Shopping Center.

I love Isabel Marant and her style even before this collaboration. She is unique and this shows in her designs, but I must say that I was pretty impressed with this collection for H&M as she succeded to combine the traditional with the modern, the Parisian bohemian with the rock accents. I loved the aztec influence: embroideries and pattern pants or jackets, loved them all. And if you want to see the full collection you can enter here.

There is a good news for you guys, as this is the first time Isabel designs clothes also for men.

I will show you below some of the items I would like to have in my closet and a short video of my visit to the showroom.

For this day my outfit was pretty casual and simple. I was wearing a denim shirt and white pants and this way it was easier for me to try on other clothes in the showroom.



























I was wearing:

Zara white pants & suede boots
Asos denim shirt, bag, sunglasses & watch
H&M golden bangle
Meli Melo cuff bracelet
Dior oui, engagement & customised heart ring


  1. hi! i am wondering if those fringe boots are comfy and if they are run true to the size?i want ask my friend from other city buy it for me.

    • Hey! They are pretty comfy, but I cannot tell you about the size, cuz in the showroom they had only a 39 and I’m wearing 37.

  2. Boots 150 pounds…i think that it is to much for Romania and H&M even if they are from a special collection. I really dont understand to whom they want to appeal to. From what I have seen abroad they are a medium class brand but still they have “special” high class collections. If this is a strategy to make their way into the “high society brands” i wonder if it really works. What do you think Larisa, you have more inside info & knowledge of these brands 🙂

    • Hey!
      H&M does these type of collaborations two times a year and since some years ago and the prices were pretty much the same every time.
      In my opnion,they are trying to bring designer clothing to more accesible prices, as Isabel Marant’s boots from her own line of clothing are almost 1000 Euros. The quality is good and they approach the design of ‘high society brands’ as you call them. And please do note that they don’t make a lot of items, so it is a bit exclusivist, as not a lot of people will have the same clothing as you do, and this counts too.
      I’m thinking like this because I also design some dresses, custom made for each client, and I met a lot of girls that want something unique, something that no one else has and they are willing to pay a higher price for this.

  3. What size are you wearing in the chunky cardigan? What size do you normally wear at H&M? In US sizes if you know. I want to order the cardigan online and don’t know what size to get. Thanks!

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