Penne quatro formaggi


Hey guys!

Today I want to show you my specialty regarding pastas. I love cooking and eating penne quatro formaggi. Below you have the quantities for a two person meal. This is my version of this recipe, that I’ve changed and improved according to my own taste.


25/30 gr of 4 different types of cheese. I like using: brie, danish blue, feta, gorgonzola

50 gr of corn

50 gr of bacon or small slices of chiken

1 tbs of butter

100 ml of cooking cream or 20,30 % fat cream

Some rucola leaves

Enough penne or any other pastas you want for two people


In a pan melt the butter and put the bacon/chicken sliced in small pieces. After you fry the bacon/chiken add the corn and immediately after the cheese shred into small pieces (this way it is easier for it to melt). After the cheese has melt add the cream and some spices: salt, pepper, some basil.

Meanwhile boil the pasta in a different pot with some salt and a little bit of oil. This helps the pasta not to stick on the bottom of the pot.

After the pasta is ready, put it in a plate and the cheese sauce over it. Spread some rucola and some parmesan on top and that’s it.

Hope you like and use my recipe.

Have a lovely Sunday!




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