Fereto in Cappadocia

I am very picky when it comes to skin care products because I hate that greasy feeling on my face when I go to sleep or to have a silicone rubber cream that feels completely artificial on my skin.

I have always been a fan of the Fereto products and I am proud to say that I am keeping this routine for years now. Of course that I have tested many other skin care products, but nothing ever satisfied my skin’s need of moisture without leaving a weird feeling on my face like Hydra Mat Botanical from Fereto. Adrian is also a fan and uses it everyday and we love it’s natural plant smell.

I also like to use the Cellular Regenerating Night Serum, especially during the summer after I have been in the sun and my skin need that extra hydration. From the first use you feel the difference and your face,neck and cleavage skin gets smoother and healthier and has that summer glow. I love this product in combination with the Hydra Firming Eye Cream that is super light and refreshing and illuminated the under eye area after first uses. It is also great for sensitive eyes like mine that doesn’t stand eye creams with too much perfume or alcohol.

These pictures were from one magical morning that I decided to spend on the rooftop terrace from Vineyard Cave Hotel in Cappadocia taking care of my skin while admiring the dreamy sky filled with hit air balloons. What I actually see in my head every time I close my eyes and apply my favourite Fereto Organics products. If you haven’t tried them I genuinely recommend them to you. I am sure that you will love them!

Thank you for the beautiful terrace Vineyard Cave Hotel in Cappadocia! <3